Join the A-Team

We are an optimistic, talented, and collaborative team that produces great work, and we only hire the best. As part of Awasu Design, you'll get to create solutions for clients ranging from two-person startups to Fortune 100 corporations.

We are currently staffing engagements with large, well-known corporate B2C clients as well as cool startups.

Currently Seeking

Design Director

Day-In and Day-Out Stuff

  • Encourage, guide, and mentor budding and talented designers

  • Collaboratively direct the quality of all design efforts

  • Push designers to expand their abilities

  • Craft expert presentations to convey complex concepts

  • Present ideas to clients, helping to communicate the rationale behind designs

  • Do push ups with the team

What you bring

  • Stellar portfolio

  • Proven experience leading a happy team of designers

  • Proven experience leading large projects

  • Expertise in all things design

  • Ability to maintain very high standards

  • Ability to provide thought leadership and inspire the team

  • Excellent communication skills

Sr. UX Designer

Day-In and Day-Out Stuff

  • Use Post-it notes, markers, white boards, cool pads of paper, and pencils

  • Assess business requirements, project needs, and user goals

  • Help develop the UX strategy and approach for each project

  • Develop personas, use cases, and storyboards if necessary

  • Create site maps, flow diagrams, and navigation structures

  • Design wireframes, mockups, and other UCD deliverables

  • Facilitate design reviews and advocate for user needs

  • Coach and guide junior staff when needed

  • Choose new stations for the office Pandora station

  • Push-ups with the team if you're so inclined (optional)

What you bring

  • Kick ass portfolio

  • Love working collaboratively

  • Experience working with clients and projects of various sizes

  • Self-motivated, organized, and can handle unstructured situations

  • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

Job Requirements that Didn't Make the List


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7 Reasons You'll Love Working Here

Solving Complexity

Our clients bring big challenges our way because they know we can tackle what might scare another team away. We simplify complexity by breaking things down to their core, and honing in on opportunities.


The Sweet Spot We're In

It's a great time for Awasu. We've got the fresh, excited energy of a young company, combined with the foundation and stability of an established company. We're great at landing interesting projects, setting them up well, and building on our reputation of over-delivering and truly partnering with our clients.


Work-Life Balance and Creativity

We all understand that deadlines occasionally require us to jam and do whatever it takes to get things done. At the same time, we're well staffed on projects and we have the space and the time to do things right without stretching too thin.


Four Key Elements For Loving Work

We believe there are four key elements to loving work: autonomy, purpose, mastery, and team. That means we're all encouraged and supported to be able to make decisions, collaborate and support each other like crazy, believe in what we do, constantly get better as a team and individually, and have a great time.


We're Making our Clients Better

Good design is so much more than shiny objects and spiffy case studies. When we partner with clients, we don't just deliver exceptional solutions, we're dedicated to making their internal designers better by mentoring, coaching, consulting, and conspiring with them. We want them to really own the designs after we're gone.


We're Making The Design Field Better

We love showing others how to do design better. We present at conferences and lead workshops on how to organize projects, lead great review meetings, run innovation brainstorms, and develop leadership skills among designers.


How You'll Be Supported

Your work will be bolstered by every single member of the team. We work in a highly collaborative environment where everyone on the team makes the collective group stronger.